Pass the Duct Tape

I could just shoot myself.  That horrible word slipped through my mind and out of my mouth.  Diet.  The first three letters say the whole thing: D-I-E.  I’ve been struggling with my nutrition program since.

Return of the Munchies

Over the first month of sticking to the eating schedule I stopped having late afternoon and late evening munchies.  Then that single word snuck out of my mouth and the munchies returned with a vengeance.  Instead of being satisfied with snacking on grapes, Wheat Thins and dried mango I started craving cookies, ice cream and chocolate with additives.

I didn’t fight the munchies.  It just makes them worse.  I ate the cookies and the ice cream and the candy bars.  I allowed myself to enjoy them without guilt.  Stressing over my nutritional slip would have only given me reason to just call it quits.  By accepting that this will happen occasionally I feel more empowered to continue with the Favao program.  Perfection is not required for success, just my best effort.

Experimental Food

As I have begun to get back on my eating schedule the munchies seem to be receding. I still feel the need to eat the sweets, but I am satisfied by just one or two.  I have begun to enjoy the menu included with the Favao program.  My morning smoothie is like a milkshake and leaves me feeling satisfied with no desire to snack.  I look forward to more success as I add the cleanse, metabolism booster, protein and fiber.

The good news is that my measurements have stayed the same even though I enjoyed my munchies.  Of course it was only a week or two, but that can be enough time for growth.  While the fairies have apparently left the closet, the gremlins have not moved in yet.

Here’s to a slimmer and healthier me!  Have a great Wednesday all.

7 thoughts on “Pass the Duct Tape

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  2. There is definitely nothing sick or wrong about chocolate chips. They are a necessary staple for emotional stability. I mix chocolate chips in with nuts and raisins all the time. I do leave out the marshmellows now though.

    I still make my pie crust with butter, but then I don’t like coconut. I figure with all the fresh fruit in a pie the butter is forgivable. I haven’t accepted alternative sweeteners yet so I usually let the fruit of my pies maranate in their own juices overnight with the spices call for by the recipe. I may add a teaspoon of sugar if needed.


  3. I can relate! I get a little heavy headed in the afternoon and want to reach for something sweet. Lately I have kept an old Ball jar full of walnuts, raisins and I know- sick and wrong….chocolate chips. I try to go heavy on the walnuts. I just finished eating a piece of rhubarb, strawberry and raspberry pie, but you would be so proud. I used coconut oil in the crust and Truvia (natural sugar substitute) for sugar! I just need to get used to this new kind of plant sugar taste and I am good to go!
    Fun post!


  4. Just reading the first paragraph made me laugh. I really enjoyed this post! I found you from Susie Lindau’s site. Nice to meet you!


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