Hello World!

The last several months have been absolutely crazy.  Mental and emotional survival has been a challenge.

Physical Challenges

As I have discussed before, I “enjoyed” my own personal roller-coaster (vertigo) for almost eight months.  It was a challenge I would have loved to forgo.  I have, however, discovered several things that affected this problem

Over the Christmas holidays I tore my rotator cup.  As many people know, this is not an enjoyable experience.  I was not doing anything strenuous when this occurred.  I rotated my arm to reach something and a pain that took me to my knees shot through my shoulder.

After a trip to the doctor and some x-rays, it was discovered that surgery was necessary.  I scheduled it immediately.  It turned out I had a bone spur on my shoulder with a hook on the end.  It was the hook that caught and tore the rotator cup.

After surgery, the vertigo stopped.  Just like that.  However, physical therapy gave me migraines.  So, back to my surgeon.  After some more x-rays it was discovered that I have degeneration between the 5th & 6th vertebrae in my neck.  So now it will be a visit to the spinal specialist when the quarantine is over.

Family Challenges

Having a large family is a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing because you are never alone and there is always someone that you can call.  It is a curse because the drama is nonstop.

Over the holidays Youngest had influenza B.  It was so much “fun”.  We went to church where she was playing her harp for the Christmas program.  After playing she came and sat down by me.  I looked at her noticing that she was not looking well.  After placing my hand on her forehead, I realized she was running a high fever.

A trip to the doctor and, ta da, we were quarantined for the holidays.  We missed out on all the family gatherings.  I didn’t get to see my grand babies on Christmas Eve.  Youngest didn’t go to Grandma’s Christmas day.

Then, in February, my mother fell on her left side and broke her right hip.  How?  She’s talented.  Luckily the rehab center was just down the street from Youngest’s school so she could walk over after school.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my mother decided to have some more “fun”.  She had a bloody nose that would not stop and some small scrapes on her hands that began bleeding.  Because it would not stop, my sister took her to the emergency room.

It turns out it was an interaction between two of her medications.  It thinned her blood to the point it would not coagulate.  She is now doing well, and everyone learned something.

Emotional Challenges

After the stress of all the happenings of the last few months I was feeling a “little” out of sorts.  I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Then, of course, we got this wonderful pandemic.

Youngest and I are alone, together, every day.

She gets annoyed because I am constantly bugging her to get her schoolwork done.  This means checking the district assignments website, her school email, and whatever else is required.  At least Utah was already set up for online classes.  It only took a couple of days to get the teachers and students organized.

Youngest’s harp lessons also have to be done through video conferencing.

We are both struggling with cabin fever.  Youngest misses the interaction with her friends at school.  I miss visiting with my friends.  We are both missing hanging out with family.

We have even had to cancel cookie day.

Chores and housework have become hit or miss.  Neither one of use feels like doing anything.

The Bright Side

We are reading a lot of books.  We have even read the same books and discuss them.

I have saved a lot of money on gas for my car.

We are using a lot less bread since Youngest has other things for lunch.

I have time to do things I have been putting off.  Sewing, crocheting, paperwork, etc.

I have more energy than I have had is months, though my motivation is low.

Hang in There

I hope everyone is doing well in these difficult times.  Stay safe.  Stay calm.  Stay sane.