Mentally Checked Out

I’m sorry that I have not been here in a while, I have been struggling with a huge physical, emotional and mental let down after eliminating a huge stress that has plagued me for the last 15 years.  I though about trying working through it but decided to let it run in course.  It is usually over quicker that way.  It also gives me an excuse to be lazy, run away with my daughter to the water park or miniature golfing and watch movies.  Not that I need an excuse but it is nice to have one all the same.

Since I am not quite checked in though I may or may not be posting regularly for another week or so.  When my brain gets back and I can upgrade my memory I will start telling the story of how Bip was born, when Pots came along and the insinuation of the twins (Ann and Nick) into my life.

I hope that you are having a great Summer filled with fun, relaxation, adventure and a lot of laughter.