Life Keeps Happening

Days that follow my plans perfectly are few.  In fact, they never seem to happen.

The World Refuses to Stop

Since my rest order was given, life seems to have taken on a mind of its own.  If I were alone I could probably just shut all the windows, lock the door and tell it to go away.  I’m not alone however.  So hear is what has happened in the last week:

  • My dad has a 7mm kidney stone in each kidney.
  • My youngest daughter got a “C” in math and needs a tutor.
  • My car needed service, safety and emissions.
  • Six nieces and two neighbors came for the day (9 little girls!).
  • I’m been invited to go visit my daughter and her family.
  • I found out Easter will be here in just 3 weeks.
  • Beginning Easter projects.
  • My oldest daughter just closed on a house and I took the kids while they signed all the paperwork.
  • Horse riding lessons.
  • Ballet class.
  • People still want to eat everyday and ask me what there is.
  • My chores won’t do themselves.
  • Laundry is propagating in the basket.

What is known to be happening this week:

  • My father will be having surgery.
  • My youngest daughter will be bringing her math assignments home.
  • I will be registering my car today.
  • I will be riding with a friend who is going out-of-state to go see my daughter and her family.
  • Sewing of Easter outfits.
  • Horse riding Lessons
  • Ballet class.
  • People will still want to eat.
  • My chores will continue to be lazy.
  • Laundry will continue to propagate.

Napping Is Required

Now that I have made those two lists, I need a nap.  I will be taking lots of naps.  At least one a day, probably two.  The problem is that I cannot nap all day and still sleep at night.  I fight to stay away but then my head aches with fatigue.

What to do? What to do?


I think I will take a nap.

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