How To Rest Properly

You would think that this is not a difficult thing to do.  However, it is not as easy as it looks.  My therapist put me on 6 months of mandatory rest while I deal with all the trauma that caused my Post Traumatic Stress.  I actually had to ask her what rest actually means.

Step-by-Step on How To Rest

  • No additional stress.  No news, no politics, no work, nothing that causes stress.
  • Light exercise.  Walking, strolling, etc.
  • Light housework.  Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, dishes, etc.
  • Listen to uplifting music.  No heavy metal, hard rock, etc. 
  • Watch uplifting movies.  No sad movies or overly tense ones.
  • Read good books.
  • Eat healthy foods.  No dieting, no bingeing, desserts in moderation.
  • I cannot be a brick wall.  My grown children must handle their own frustrations and rely on each other.
  • No babysitting.  This is the part most difficult because I love having my grandchildren.
  • Take time for my youngest child.  She is only 9 and is the only one left at home.
  • Go outside.  Sunshine, nature, flowers, light gardening, etc. 
  • Go play with my friends.  Go to the movies, go out for ice cream, go to the water park, etc.

It’s Harder Than It Looks

While this list doesn’t seem all that difficult, you might be amazed at how hard it is for me.  I’ve had to learn how to say “NO” to my children, my parents, my family, my friends, church, school, etc.  Even if it is something that I know I would enjoy and I want to do.  Now I get to learn not to feel guilty for saying it.

reading_tentThe reading I am enjoying, especially after 5 years of not being able to read.  I have read over a dozen books in the last two months.  Fantasy, fairy tales, sci-fi, mystery, whatever strikes my fancy.  It has been great snuggling up in my chair with my youngest daughter while we both read our books.

Allergy season.  Not my favorite time of year to be sure.  I’m allergic to just about everything that grows in the desert.  Where do I live?  In the desert.  However, a nice walk on a cool morning is always a good thing.  Reading on our porch swing while listening to our fountain is quite relaxing.  Decongestants and antihistamines are absolutely necessary.

122012_LeyesI love my children with all my heart and my grandchildren are the cutest of course.  It is a challenge for me to tell them that I love them but they cannot dump their frustrations at me or pound their head against me when they are frustrated.  I’ve always tried to be there for them and in some ways I feel like I am letting them down, but it is also nice to say, “I love you and I know you can do it.”  My grandchildren want to play . . . . Every minute of the day.  I cannot, but we enjoy coloring together, reading together and other activities.

Can Jane come out and play?  This is one of the more difficult ones because my friends are in all age groups, single, married, working, not working, little children, teenagers, grown children, etc.  I am, however, going out.  Sometimes I can get a few together and we can go to the movies or out for ice cream.  Sometimes I go by myself because there is no one available.  Sometimes I don’t go because there is no one to play with.

Taking It One Day At A Time

What else can I do?  Who knew that resting could be so difficult and stressful?  Speaking of stressful, I’m supposed to avoid any added stress.  So what am I supposed to do?  I think I’ll take a nap and decide later.