Who Authorized the Fireworks?

Okay, so do you remember sliding your socks on the carpet to charge up enough static electricity to shock someone?  Then there are the times when you have reached for a door knob and been shocked.  Often these electrically charged experiences are accompanied by a brief flash of light as the energy is expelled.

A Shocking Light Display

Fireworks022Lately I have been experiencing a very interesting and disconcerting activity within my brain.  Random synapses firing with flashes of light.  Apparently the brain is some sort of prism since different synapses expel different colors of light.  Most of the time it is just an occasional zap and flash of color.  But the other day I had a complete light show.  The colors were beautiful and many.  The zap of the synapses was not painful, more like someone testing the strength of the electrical flow.

Feeling Odd

Crazy01This extended light show left me feeling dizzy, disoriented and tired.  I’ve been experiencing a bit of a headache that seems to shift around my head too.  It is definitely an interesting thing to be experiencing.  I have been wishing that I could actually see what is happening within the super computer within my skull.  My brother asked if I had changed my operating system to Windows 8 and suggested I try Linux or something similar.  Everyone agrees it’s time for me to go get a tune up.


I’ve made an appointment with my therapist and will be looking for a new psychiatrist.  I’ve retired two already which is why I don’t have one right now.  I hope that I can find one who is on the younger side, but has enough life experience to deal with my issues.  I don’t want to have to raise my psychiatrist nor do I want to retire another one in five years.

The brain is an interesting thing.  It can overcome injuries, damage and illness.  It can create new pathways when old ones are destroyed.  I wonder how badly I’ve burned my brain, but I think, with time, I will be able to regain what I have lost over the years.  My head seems to be done for the day so happy Monday everyone.

5 thoughts on “Who Authorized the Fireworks?

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  2. I think it’s amazing how much in tune you are with your body. Considering your experiences, it’s probably vital – so that you can control when something is too much to handle or things like that – but I still think it’s great that you can describe and pin-point what’s going on so precisely.


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