My Dragon Ate My Hard Drive

As I sit here looking at my laptop all sleek and slim I think back to our first computer.  The monitor was huge, but had a small screen.  Smaller than what I have on my laptop.  The computer had no hard drive, only a single 5 1/2 inch floppy disk drive.  When my dad brought it home we were so excited and impressed.  Then he did something that took us head and shoulders above the rest.  He installed a second floppy disk drive.  Not only were we one of the first people in our neighborhood to have a computer, we had an upgraded one.

My Personal Computer

Dragon Traditional 1Bip and Pots have been fairly quiet as of late, though the twins have been running around playing games.  With all the strange things I’ve been feeling in my brain I’ve been a bit emotional.  No surprise there, of course.  Occasionally my heart will start pounding and my hands shaking.  I can hear Ann and Nick giggling in the background.  The laughter seems to echo though.  Like sound coming from a large cave.  I think I have finally figured it out though.

Science describes the brain as a biological computer.  We have operating systems, memory and active programs.  Currently mine seems to be running on backup power.  It feels weak but steady.  So what has happened?  I think my dragons have stolen my hard drive.  The spectacular light show was the dragons ripping out the wires. The occasional flashes of light I have been experiencing are the broken ends of the wires as they spark and sputter.  Bip and Pots are now smugly curled up on top of my hard drive contentedly blowing smoke out of their nostrils.

The Lantern in the Dark

The power seems to have gone out.  My brain is quiet, but it feels somewhat fragile.  I have lit my lantern, but it seems small in the darkness.  Though it’s not so bad.  The dark is not scary or foreboding.  It is quiet and peaceful, like the cool night air on a sunburn.  Maybe I’ll let my dragons keep the hard drive and I’ll just build a new one.  The brain can do that.  chocolates-1335

I think I will sit here in the light of my lantern enjoying the peace and quiet.  I have plenty of books to keep me entertained and dark chocolate to snack on.  Sometimes you just need to stop and rest.  I think now is one of those times.

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