I Finally Past Rest!

Okay, so in only took me a year.  ClipartOf_com_70718

I finally asked my son to help me.  So he said, “It’s like this.”  He sat in a chair and put his feet up with his hands in his lap.  Then he looked at me and smiled.  He spent almost two weeks visiting and helped me each day until I understood what it meant to “do nothing”.

I’m still struggling with it because I feel lazy and unproductive.  I do read, watch movies and crochet.  I’m fighting the constant urge to jump back into my hectic life because there is so much I need and want to do.  I just have to keep asking myself how long I want to rest.  The more I rest now, the shorter the time it will take.

I’m not constantly tired anymore.  I have a little more energy every day.  I still don’t handle stress too well, but I am learning to say “No”.  I hope that everyone had a great holiday season.  I am going to start writing again since this is something I enjoy and I’m not constantly falling asleep at my computer anymore.

My New Year’s Resolution

Eliminate as much stress from my life as possible (before the new stuff comes in).

3 thoughts on “I Finally Past Rest!

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