Time For A Halloween Party!

Sorry I was not here yesterday.  I was busy with my youngest daughter’s Halloween party.  The kids seemed to have a lot of fun and the party has been deemed a success.

My youngest child is having difficulty at school.  She has grown up surrounded by adults and has had many opportunities to experience the arts.  She has spent a lot of time with family and friends who play games of imagination.   She is not very good at sports and finds it difficult to participate in the more physical pursuits of her classmates.  She gets teased because she is socially awkward and tends to get frustrated around children her age because the act their age.  She also has the vocabulary of a high school graduate and uses a lot of big words.  She handles this fairly well, but spends a lot of recesses by herself.  In an effort to give my girl a social boost and help her make friends we threw a party.


This is what usually takes the most time and energy for any party.  It can also be the most creative and fun part for the party planner.

The Menu

  • Brain Stew (Sloppy Joes)
  • Zombie Guts (pork and beans)
  • Dried Zombie Fingers (Cheetos)
  • Fried Mummy Wraps (potato chips)
  • Buzzard Droppings (olives)
  • Tree mold (broccoli)
  • Diced brain (cauliflower)
  • Dragon tongue (carrots)
  • Werewolf eyeballs (tomatoes)
  • Witches hair (celery)
  • Monster bile (lemonade)
  • Vampire blood (fruit punch)
  • Spider ice cubes (spider rings frozen in ice-cube trays)
  • Spider cupcakes


  • Sword fighting melee (newspaper swords)
  • javelin Toss (water noodles thrown thru hulahoops)
  • Stick horse relay
  • Dodge ball
  • Some free play time

Party Time

The kids begin arriving and have some free play while we wait for everyone.  As we play through our games the laughter and cheers fill the air.  The kids seem to be having a good time.  There are a few moments when some of the kids seem a little board but a change in the activity is all that is needed.

Dinner is called.  The menu seems to excite the boys especially and the food is enjoyed by all.  The variety of “gore” seems to supply something for everyone.  As I put the ice into the kid’s cups there are exclamations of delight as they discover the spiders in their cups.  I enjoyed hearing the conversations and more laughter as they ate their dinner.

Time To Go

After the kids were done eating they had more free play time as they waited for their parents.  Sword fights broke out on the driveway.  Our dog chased ball after ball after ball as the kids competed for the farthest throw.  More laughter and children trying to ignore their parents because they didn’t want to leave.  It was a good time for all involved.  Children and supervising adults.  Some parents were late, but that is to be expected.  One young man had to call his parents because they had lost track of the time.

We will be having the parties regularly and invite more children from her class at school with each party.  The goal is to create a group of friends that hang out and enjoy being together.  This also gives us the opportunity to teach them the social skills they will need as they grow up.  The hope is that as they grow up the bonds of friendship will keep them together and out of trouble. As parents we will know where our children are and who they are with.

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4 thoughts on “Time For A Halloween Party!

  1. Good Mom! Good Mom! You are so on target. (Perfect food selection, by the way)
    My daughter was very much like yours. We love Halloween and always had big parties with haunted houses and crazy games – and large girls only slumber parties in elementary school. Once the entire 2 story living room was emptied of furniture and we had a huge spiderweb strung between ladders and stuff…each kid got the end of a string and they had to unravel it all to find their party favor at the end.There were other “events” but we love Halloween the best – It was fun watching all the kids grow up.


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