The Quiet Thunder of Children’s Laughter

To lay in bed on a Saturday morning and listen to my children play, talk and laugh is one of the greatest joys in this world.


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There is the giggle of the toddler as she is being chased and the high-pitched squeal when caught.  The deep chuckle of my second son as he reads Calvin and Hobbs.  The irresistible laughter of my youngest son as I hear him fall of the couch.  The snort of milk coming out of someone’s nose as they try to contain their laughter.

I lay in bed pretending to sleep as I revel in the sounds of my children.

I hear the giggles of my toddler as she peeks into my room. I open my eyes enough to see the bright eyes of a little face peeking around the corner.  I hear the light, quick step of little feet as they run down the hall.  Giggles drift back to me as I hide under my covers in wait for their return.  My toddler is back.  Hiding on the floor by the side of my bed.  I throw back the covers and grab her.  She squeals in delight.  The exquisite joy of little arms around my neck and a little hand patting my back.  A sweet little voice whispers, “uv oo mama.”  Life does not get any better than this.


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Love and laughter are synonymous.  Where there is love, laughter will always be.  It follows tears.  It slips out in the quietest moments.  Like when you are kneeling for prayer and someone suddenly gets the giggles.  The giggling quickly makes it round the circle.  It is a good thing that God likes the sound of his children’s laughter.  Laughter can come unexpectedly during a serious conversation when your words mix themselves up and then trip over themselves.

Laughter is contagious.  Just listen to the first laugh of a baby, the giggling of little girls, and the chuckling of a child reading something funny.  You will find yourself smiling and a small laugh will escape from your heart, if not from your mouth.