My Mother’s Day Favorites

Mother’s Day is this weekend and many of us ask ourselves, “What can I get Mom?”  We stress over the perfect gift.  We often put it off until the very last minute.  The only really important thing about Mother’s Day is that we remember our moms and let them know they are loved.

I’ve read articles about the do’s and don’ts of Mother’s Day gift giving and had to laugh at some of the things people think mothers want.  Being a somewhat sentimental and practical person I thought I would share some of the gifts I’ve gotten over the years: good, bad and otherwise.

My Favorites

Time with my children.  This is my all time favorite and my children have come through in some fun ways.

  • Going to lunch and/or a movie
  • Coming to visit at the same time (hard now that they are grown with families of their own) and sharing the laughter of memories
  • Phone calls with pictures of what they have been doing (e-mailed)
  • Movie night at home so we can make fun of the movie and share sarcastic comments
  • Just hanging out

Let me know I’m appreciated.  Sometimes we forget how busy our mothers are doing things for us.  I have always enjoyed it when appreciation is expressed.

  • Give me the day off.  Let me do whatever I want for the day:  read, sleep, watch movies, go out with my friends, etc.
  • Make my favorite dinner and clean up after.
  • Hugs and a “Thank you.” are always good in a pinch.

Gifts I treasure.  My favorite gifts are the ones that come from the heart.  Most of them are home-made and I still have them, much to the chagrin of my children.

  • Hand prints.  I have so many things made with handprints.  A small tote bag with hand print roses.   Mother’s bouquet where each flower is a child’s hand print.  Notes and poems.  I’ve saved them all.
  • Crafts from school.  My children have had some awesome teachers over the years that have helped many children make some really sweet gifts.
  • A clay candle holder that my oldest son made.
  • A painted flowerpot with flower pens made by my second son.
  • Magnets of many shapes and sizes.
  • Cards with the child’s picture all decorated.
  • Many, many, many hand print items.
  • My son gave me a flag that was flown over his base in Iraq.
  • My son did NOT purchase a framed camel spider (Thank you sooooo much!)
  • My daughter bought me a pair of bunny ear rings at her grade school store.

Something I need.  This is the practical part of me.  I will often do things the hard way because I won’t spend the money on myself to get the things I need to make it easier.  Often these requests were ignored because they were “too practical”.

  • A big KitchenAid mixer.  I made cookies and bread for years with a wooden spoon and a bowl.
  • My own tool set.  This way I know where they are and if you touch them you die.  Same rules as most husbands.
  • A good sewing machine.  I had the same one for over 15 years and my dad paid for the service contract every year.  It had more miles on it than most cars and had been rebuilt several times.  Thanks Dad.
  • A dryer.  For anyone who has hung clothes on a clothes line no explanation is needed.
  • A gift card to my favorite clothing or shoe store.
  • A tank of gas.

Gifts of Mother’s Day Past

My mother got a chainsaw one year.  She’d been drooling over it at the hardware store for several months.  She was very happy with her new toy.

My son gave me a deviated septum for Mother’s Day one year.  He was about two and was having a full-blown tantrum.  I bent down to pick him up and take him to his room at the same time that he jumped straight up.  My nose has been a little crooked ever since.

One year my children and then husband gave me some birthstone earings.  I absolutely love them and call them my feel good ear rings because they remind me of a time when things were really great.

A pot of miniature roses.  Much better than cut flowers because I was able to watch them bloom all summer.

Mommy, what do you want for Mother’s Day?

My daughter asked me this question yesterday.  She looked at me expectantly patiently waiting to hear my request.  I thought about it and smiled as the perfect gift came to mind.  What is it?  To spend Sunday afternoon hanging out, watching a movie and teaching her how to crochet.  She’s excited and so am I.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those moms out there and have a great weekend.

So what are your most interesting Mother’s Day memories?  Come on.  Share!

2 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day Favorites

  1. Aww, I love this post! I don’t think I ever did very well giving my Mom good Mother’s Day presents. I think sometimes all she ever really wanted was a nap.


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