Calorie Fall Out

Last week while talking about the gremlins shrinking my clothes I mentioned that there were very specific techniques that are used to remove calories from different types of food.  These are very important food survival skills that I feel it is important to share.

Calories in the Crumbs

For those who like cookies, cake, chips, etc.  crumbs are a very important part of these foods.  Why?  Because all the calories are in the crumbs.  Now the calories are not spread out evenly through these foods, they are the most dense in the middle.  Now calorie extraction is different for each food item.

Cookies: These seem to the be easiest.  Simple break the cookie in half as close to the middle as possible.  Hold each piece upright with broken part facing down.  Gently shake out the calories.  If it is a large cookie that requires several bites to eat, break of bite size pieces and shake the calories out of each individual piece.  This insures maximum calorie extraction.

Chips:  These work similar to cookies, but are often more difficult to break in half.  The crumbs in the bottom of the bag actually have the least number of calories because they are already broken.  If you dump these crumbs out onto a napkin or paper towel the calories will be absorbed by the paper.

Cake: This is actually one of the most difficult foods to remove the calories from because most often there is a filling in the center of the cake.  It is very important to lay the piece on its side immediately after cutting so that the calories are not absorbed by the bottom of the cake.  Napkins or paper towels will absorb may calories if used instead of a plate.  ( NOTE: If a plate is used the calories will pool in the center of the plate and be reabsorbed by the cake. )  Once laid on its side you must immediately cut each layer in half making sure that the cut pieces falls forward calories down.  These are then absorbed into the napkin or paper towel.  Eat these pieces first.  It is important to understand that the calories in and near the filling are, unfortunately, unable to fall out due to being trapped by the moistness of this part of the cake.  While a great many calories have been removed by cutting the top and bottom of the cake, there are still a great many in the center.  But, if you eat this part in small bites with much contemplation some of the calories will escape.

Chocolate Has No Calories

This is a topic that I have address several weeks ago.  It is important enough to mention here but for a detailed explanation of why this is true click on the link above.

Think About What You Eat

If we take the time to think about what we are eating, the value of it, the best way to eat it, etc. many of the calories in our food will be automatically absorbed by our brain.

While these techniques may not be scientifically proven, the are definitely beneficial in justifying my food choices.  Have a great weekend!