Snow For Easter

For those of you who do not live in a desert area, we really appreciate water.  All we can get.  Lots of snow in the mountains means great snow melt for our rivers and streams.  It also refills the water tables.  We like snow.  Just not in April.

Easter is in two days.  A time to celebrate renewal, life and the resurrection of Christ.  Easter brings visions of green grass, sunshine, and warmer weather.  Children dream of eggs filled with candy nestled softly in the grass, dotted through flower beds, hiding under bushes and perched gently in the trees.  I dream of sending the children outside to picnic and play.

There are a few reasons why we have snow in April.  They are understandable considering Mother Nature’s capricious personality.  She loves to laugh and so plays jokes with the weather.

First Games

For those of you who have children that participate in Spring sports you understand this principle.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful the weather is  it will snow for the first game or two.  Every year that my children were in T-ball and little league we had snow.  One time the temperature had dropped 30 degrees within an hour or two.  We show up for the game carrying our jackets.  By the time we start the 1st inning people are starting to put them on.  By the second half of the first inning parents are digging through their cars for blankets, extra coats, gloves, mittens or anything that we can cover our children with.  These little 1st year T-ballers were shivering in the field and huddled under blankets in the dugout.  We finished the 1st inning, gathered up our children, wrapped them in as many layers as we could to thaw them out and took them home.  I learned quickly to always have extra blankets, sweaters and jackets in the car when we left for games.

You Put It Away

This gets me every time.  The weather has been beautiful vacillating between warm sunny days and cold rainy ones.  It is time to accept the fact that Spring is here and put away all the snow equipment.  You gather up the snow shovels and put them in your shed.  You clean up your snow blower, prep it for summer storage and put it away.  Now, sweet Mother Nature has watched all your preparations for Spring.  She has purposely waited until everything is put away just so she can dump one last snow.

You Planned a BBQ

The weather has been fabulous.  Just perfect for a family or neighborhood BBQ.  You have consulted the weatherman and set a date.  You send out the invites and plan the menu.  The day before the BBQ you get your yard furniture out of storage and clean it so it will be ready for guests.  You buy and extra tank for your grill.  You get up the morning of the BBQ all excited and look out the window.  The weatherman apparently missed this storm when reporting the weather.  It starts raining mid-day.  About the time everyone starts to show up, it starts to snow.  You have two options, BBQ in the garage or in the oven.  You decide to BBQ in the garage.  It is cold out there, but you still have a great time and good food.

These are only three, I’m sure there are more.  Mother Nature loves to surprise us with unexpected weather.  It lets us know that she is there and watching over us.

Have a great Easter weekend.