Died Oops

My sweet granddaughters bring so much joy and laughter into my life.  Today, I have a permanent smile because of a simple picture and a little girl learning to write.

I have a granddaughter who is 4-years-old and she draws me the cutest pictures. Usually it is a picture of her and I doing something fun like playing outside in the sun or holding hands.  I always save her best artwork in a special folder like a good grandma.

She is now learning to write her letters and writes “notes” on her pictures for me.  There are lots of O’s and A’s with the occasional E, I, D, P and whatever her newest letter is.  Well, today I got a sweet little picture of her standing in front of my door.  She told me that it said “I’m coming to your house today.”  What she had actually written was “Died Oops”  I hugged her and told her what a beautiful picture it was.  She smiled and went happily off to play.

"I'm coming to your house."

I showed the picture to her father who immediately started to laugh.  He laughed even harder when I told him what it was supposed to say.  This one I took a picture of and let him keep the original.  He wrote the date on the back and what she said it said.  I think it is one that will definitely make the scrap-book.

Have a great weekend!