Shoot the Scale!

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My size 18’s have gotten tight again after fitting comfortably for a couple of months.  Normally this would frustrate me to no end.  However, I have decided to take a look at it from a different perspective: at least I can still zip them up while standing.

During my journey to lose weight this year I have decided to leave the scale out of it.  I only get frustrated as I watch those cruel numbers fluctuate up and down.  Especially since they seem to go up when my clothing starts to fit better.  So, how do I measure success?  I’ve come up with a few strategies.
Clothing Speaks Volumes

Our clothing will tell us more than any scale.  You always know how you are doing by the way they fit.   Unfortunately, so does everyone else.

If they start getting tight it is time to make some changes.  While lying down does make it easier to zip your pants, it can also serve as a good reminder.  The ability to breath is a great motivator since it is a requirement for living.  Tight clothing can also suppress hunger pangs. Since your stomach is squished so tightly into your jeans there is little or no room for food.

If they start to grow than it is time to celebrate!  This does not mean you can go on an ice cream binge.  Celebrate by going out with friends.  Go to the movies and have popcorn with butter.  Go out to eat and order your favorite dessert.  Take half of it home for later.  Have friends over for games or a movie.

If your clothing grows so big that it falls off there is only one thing to do.  GO SHOPPING!  This is what we dream about.  Getting a new wardrobe in a smaller size.  Don’t just pick out clothes.  Choose stylish outfits and accessories to go with them.  Spoil yourself, you deserve it.





Thanks to my favorite store, Dillards, for the fashion photos above.


This is the one that is my biggest downfall.  The interesting thing is that cravings are our bodies way of getting what it thinks it needs.  That is why we crave different things at different times.

  • Chronically high stress can produce cravings for carbs and sugary foods.  Your body requires a quick and easy source of fuel to keep up the energy levels required to deal with stress.
  • Sadness and depression can produce cravings for chocolate.  Chocolate raises serotonin levels making us feel better.
  • Emotional needs can produce cravings for our favorite comfort foods.  Food that brings back comforting memories of happy times.

Proper nutrition and scheduled snacks can significantly reduce those cravings.  This does not mean that you won’t have any cravings, they will still happen.  Before you take a bite of that cookie or hot fudge sundae, think about why you might want it.  You can still eat it if you want to.


This is one of my favorites.  It always makes me feel good when someone comments on how good I am looking.  Whether it be my smaller size, how my clothes look, or if I just seem happy.  Compliments give us that emotional boost that makes our day better.

Scales Should Be Used In Moderation

I’m not totally against scales.  I have no problem standing on one when my clothing grows too big.  I don’t think that they should be used everyday because they can be counter productive.  Relax.  Don’t worry about the numbers on the scale.