Gravity Should Not Be a Carnival Ride

I have dealt with vertigo off and on for over 20 years.  It is not fun.

Dizzy vs Vertigo

So, is there difference between dizziness and vertigo?  Yes.  Big yes.  Really big yes.

Dizziness is a two-dimensional thing.  Like when you spin in circles as a child and then the world keeps spinning after you stop.  It affects your balance, but not your brain.

Vertigo is totally different.  Vertigo is four-dimensional.  How you ask?  Well, it’s like this….

  • The world around you spins right to left or left to right. (2-dimensional)
  • At the same time, it also spins top to bottom or bottom to top (3-dimensional)
  • Then you brain tells your body that it is actually spinning with the first two (4-dimensional)6880

This is usually when I fall down.

Important Note:  Never close your eyes during periods of vertigo.  It only makes things worse.

In the Past . . .

Vertigo is usually just a nuisance that makes it difficult for me to walk and I don’t drive.  I have started calling this my gravitational issues.

There have been times when I have walked into walls, missed doorways, and fallen down.  It has never been a really big deal.  (Except, when I broke my finger.  That is a whole saga in and of itself.)

I have always been able to cope with the vertigo and still live a relatively normal life.

That has now changed, and I don’t know why.

Vertigo and Allergies are NOT Friends

So, since the vertigo was obviously not enough and I was, apparently, bored with it my allergies kicked in.  Worse than it has been in years.

short red hair woman blowing her nose

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What am I allergic to?  The desert.

Where do I live?  The desert.

As long as I am surrounded by grass yards and gardens, I am fine.  However, my landlord’s backyard has not been landscaped yet.

The desert weeds have taken over.  My sinuses, ears, and chest have been congested for a couple of weeks now.

I had a sinus infection and a chest infection.  Blowing my nose constantly and coughing up the grossest stuff.

When you are already having issues with balance, shifting fluids in your head do not help.  As the congestion shifted around in my head, the vertigo became frustrating.  Gravity was forever shifting under my feet.

I am glad to say the infections have now cleared.  Mostly.  I am starting to feel better.

Home Bound

It has been over a month since my vertigo attack.  I am still struggling from day to day.  I am able to drive here and there, but it takes a lot out of me.

I am really getting tired of the gravitational issues.  I am also feeling bad for Youngest.  All the things that we had planned this summer have not happened.

Youngest is wonderful.  She is patient and loving in her concern for me.  She has told me that it is more important to her that I am feeling well than going out to play.

We have enjoyed just hanging out.  We read a lot.  We’ve watched movies.  We talk.

In the Future…

I guess I am just going to get used to the new change in my life.  The gravitational issues may or may not go away.  Even with medication.

Youngest will learn to drive when I cannot.

This actually gives me something to tattle on her.  If she refuses to drive, I can call Oldest.  Then I am not the only one in trouble.

I am feeling frustrated, but my children and friends are great to help with I need it.

We will see what the future holds….