No Cheese Served Here

No Cheese Served Here

You may be wondering at the title.  It’s a family joke.  We have no cheese to serve with your whine.

A Boring Summer

With all the things that Youngest and I had planned it was to have been a busy, fun summer spent with friends.  It didn’t happen.

Youngest and I spent the whole Summer at home, quietly reading.  Except for Tuesdays, which is, of course, cookie day.  On Tuesday Youngest would take a bag of cookies out of the freezer (I don’t bake when it is over 90 degrees) and go next door to play games with her friend.

She never complained.

My Turn to Whine

Baby TazI did my share of whining and complaining this Summer.

I am frustrated at my inability to drive or do much of anything else.

I miss picking up my mother for an afternoon out.

I hate that walking across the room takes almost all my energy and focus.

I hate that many of the things that I enjoy have become so difficult to do.

I hate … I hate …. Whine …. Whine …. whine ….

Youngest Is an Amazing Child

I have apologized repeatedly to Youngest (my 15-year-old) for my inability to do even the simplest of things this Summer.

Her reply?  It’s okay Mom, it’s not your fault.  I love you.

My mental reply?  Guilt.


Youngest has stepped up and taken fabulous care of me.  She has driven (she is just learning) us to church and to the store.  She has fixed meals.  She has done housework.  She has waited on me when I could not do it myself.

Not once has she complained or whined.  She has only been patient and kind.

She has, on the other hand, told me to suck it up and quite complaining.

Summer is Over

After a summer of reading and hanging out with her mother, Youngest has gone back to school.  She is a junior this year and excited to see her friends.

I am amazed and grateful for my wonderful youngest.  After everything, she still tells me I’m an awesome mom.

I love you, Youngest.  Thank you.