My Little Gentleman: It Begins

Last night I went to visit my daughter and her family.  It is a weekly thing that I look forward to.  My little grandson, age 23 months, was in top form.

Seating Grandma

Little GentlemanAs we were getting ready to eat, grandson decided to be a little gentleman and set me at the table before he was relegated to his high chair.  He grabbed both pant legs, on in each hand, and steered me backwards to my chair.  The then pushed me into the chair and ran around to the back of my seat.  He proceeded to try to push my chair up to the table.  I helped.  I then smiled at my grandson and told him thank you.

Feeling very pleased with himself, he let his mother put him in his high chair and proceeded to inhale his dinner.

Helping In Nursery

During dinner I asked my daughter how grandson was doing in the nursery and church.  She smiled and then began telling me how helpful he was.  Grandson helped unstack the chairs (with Mom’s help) and put them around the snack/activity table.  I could just picture his sweet little face filled with helpful pride as he placed the chairs.

My Gentle Giant

Grandson is not a small child.  He is about 30 inches tall and weighs in at about 31 lbs.  He is not fat, just solid muscle.  He is only 23 months but looks about 3 years old.  His older sister is 7 and only a little more than a head taller than her little brother.  Grandson is a very sweet (but smart and determined) child.

naughtyGrandson loves his older sister and shows it often.  Usually in the form of football tackle hugs.  Grandson also gives his Attie (auntie), age 11, the same treatment.  Luckily no one has been seriously injured.  Only an occasional bruise.

I am glad to see his natural inclination to be helpful and kind nurtured by his parents. Of course some of the nurturing can be a little stern since he can be a mischievous little monster at times.  He is not even 2 yet.

A true gentleman is a rare find these days.  I am glad to see that Grandson is learning at such an early age.

What does your dragon think?

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