Don’t put if off! Procrastinate now!

Don’t put if off! Procrastinate now!


I heard this somewhere once and it has stuck with me.  I have been “going to” post a new blog entry for the last two days.  I have even gone so far as to decide on a title and save a draft with no text in it.  I’ve read emails, participated in forums, taken the dog out to chase the ball, read the paper, visited with my brother, updated my calendar and a host of other “important” things that “needed” to be done.  I have finally bit the bullet and here I am.

I find it very interesting when we are not in the mood to do something, even something important, how many things we allow to distract us.  See if you can relate to this series of events:

I decide I need to take a break from work.  I walk down the hall to the laundry room to do…

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