When Did My Parents Get Old-ish

Sometime when I wasn’t looking my parents got old.  They are now in their mid to late 70’s with serious health problems.  They both have birthdays in February.


Love My Mom and Dad

My parents are fun people.  With nine (yes 9) children the adventures are never-ending.  Growing up was filled with love, music, fun and laughter.  We recently had a surprise birthday dinner for them with just their children and spouses.  Only about half of us were able to attend, but it was a lot of fun.  We reminisced about the things we remember.  I recorded much of the talking and stories that my parents told.  It was a great evening.

Growing Old, Not Up

My parents may be physically growing old, but they are still young at heart.  If children keep us young, my parents will never grow up.  They have 43 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren ranging in ages from 1 to 33 years.

My mother uses a power chair because of her back, but that doesn’t keep her out of trouble.  She tried to start a gang in our neighborhood.  She talked to all her friends that were using or should be using a power chair about this.  She was planning jackets, activities, races, etc.  Nobody would come and play.  She was very disappointed.  She does race her chair though.  The grandchildren love to sit in her lap as she races up and down the hallway or around the driveway.  She also takes the dog for a run.  My mother has finally given up her dream of a big red pickup truck.  She now wants a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6.  Listening to her and my father talking about this vehicle made me smile.

My father still gets giddy over the latest technology.  He loves gadgets and electronics.  He is also, slowly, making improvements to our home.  He took out the fluorescent lighting in our kitchen and replaced it with a chandelier and recessed lighting.  It is amazing.  He didn’t do it alone, he is not physically able anymore, but he did work with kids and grand-kids to get it done.  He has always been great about including us in what he is doing.  My father is also involved at my daughter’s school.  He is part of the Watch Dog Program.  He has been such a great “daddy” for her that she never asks why her father is not around.

They have been married 55 years this year.  Sometimes, when they look at each other, I can see the young couple they used to be.  They still hold hands and flirt with each other.  They do little things for each other, just because.  They are best friends.


Older Parents

I live in a multi-generational home with my parents and daughter.  We take care of each other.  We all contribute to supporting and running the household.  I am slowly taking more of the responsibility as my parents get older, but it is a great blessing to me.  My mother and I are best friends.  My father and I are close.  Am I sad about my parents getting old?  Sometimes.  But then, I am enjoying my time with them so much that it never lasts long.

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