I Failed Resting – Really?!

As you may know, I was put on six months of mandatory rest back in April.  I was even given written instructions so that I could learn how to rest.  Well, a month or so ago, my therapist told me I had failed rest and I may need to repeat the course.

Resting Is Hard Work

I cut out 90% of my activities:

  • No email – I checked it about once a week and usually hit delete without reading.
  • No FaceBook – Unless one of my children called and asked if I had seen the latest picture or video.
  • No news – I stopped reading the paper.  I stopped following my news feeds.  I figured if it was important enough someone would tell me.
  • No politics – See No news above.  I stopped talking about it and left the room when others did.
  • No blogging – This changed to napping.
  • No working – All (almost) of my businesses went into hiatus.
  • No networking – I stopped social networks, business networks, network meetings, etc.
  • Cooking fewer days a week – I cooked only one or two days a week
  • No planning BBQ’s or family get-togethers – I simply attended.
  • No heavy housework – Once a week I vacuumed the main floor.  I cleaned my room.
  • No babysitting grandchildren – Sadness.  I did play with them though.


Remaining 10%:

  • Reading books – Stayed up several nights
  • Attending family activities – Fun and games
  • Hanging out with my youngest daughter – The Energizer Bunny.
  • Enjoying my hobbies – Maybe a little too intensely.

So, how did I fail?  That is what is so funny.  I failed by following the prescription – or trying to.

I am resting hard for these last few weeks in the hopes that I do not have to repeat the six months.  I don’t really have the time with the holidays coming up.  Maybe I can just take things a little slower . . . . Or at least try.


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