Children Can Be Oh So Helpful

With Mother’s Day this weekend I dedicate this post to mothers with helpful children.

Opening Cans

26583Mom is struggling with a can of pineapple chunks.  The arthritis in her hand makes it difficult for her to pull the lid off with the tab.  She gets it open, but cannot remove the lid.

Child:  Would you like some help with that?

Mom:  No, it’s open far enough.

Child:  Are you sure?  It’s only half way open.

Mom:  Please.

Child opens the can the rest of the way flinging juice everywhere.  Mom now has juice in her hair, on her glasses and on her clothes.  Juice is also on the child, the counter and the floor.  Child looks at mom.  Both start to laugh.

Mom:  Thank you for helping.

Child:  You’re welcome.

Helping With Dinner

Mom is rushing around the kitchen trying to get the last of dinner ready.  Guests will be arriving momentarily.

Child:  What can I do to help?  Shall I get the peas ready?

Mom:  Would you please.

Peas in a bowlChild puts frozen peas in a bowl and begins to thaw them.  They are for a topping for the main dish so we don’t want them cooked.  Child puts bowl down on the counter to make sure the peas were thawed.  Child hits the edge of the bowl with her hand and the peas  spill across the counter.  Child groans as they roll everywhere.

Mom, looking at child:  Are the peas thawed?

Child:  Yes.

Child gathers up peas and rinses them thoroughly.

It’s A Good Thing We Love Our Children

Who was this a helpful child?  Me.  When?  Four days ago.

While children do grow up, they are always our children.  These two incidents relieved the stress we were feeling that evening.  We were both overly tired and guests were due, but the laughter we shared gave us both the pick-me-up that we needed to get through the rest of the evening.  It was an enjoyable and relaxing evening with friends.

What does your dragon think?

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