How To Be Silly, Have Fun and Not Be Embarassed

Okay, so last Friday we had a “Party at My House“. I discovered just how popular I was in high school 100 years ago and shared some rowdy and violent party games.  Today I though I would share some of the sillier games that we played.

Under The Blanket

Yes, I know this sounds somewhat risqué but it is one my mother taught us.  You need a large blanket (twin size at least) and willing participants.  A person sits on the floor and are completely covered by the blanket.  They are then given this riddle:

“You are sitting in the middle of the Sahara Desert and you are way too hot.  What do you take off to cool down?”

The answer is, “the blanket.”  This, however, is not as obvious as it seems to many people.  Many people start taking of things like shoes, socks, shirts, etc.  If you really want to have some fun with the more naive people in your group you can rig the game.  The individual under the blanket wears their swim suit under their clothes and removes one article of clothing each time the question is asked.  We often included underwear in this joke.  After everyone thinks that the person is completely naked and “figures out” that it is the blanket they throw that off.  We had a lot of screams, hands over the eyes, peeking through fingers and other reactions.

Being Measured for a Coffin

This was just a silly little joke that we played on the newest members of our party group.  You need a measuring tape.  You take a person into another room to “measure” them.  You measure their height, width, depth, head circumference, arm length and leg length.  When you lift the leg (always last) for measuring you pour a glass of ice down their pant leg.  You can always tell the party poopers because they get mad.

Bed Sheet Ping Pong

Okay, so this game is one that can get rowdy and laughter can make it difficult.  You need a twin size flat sheet.  Teams are chosen and alternated around the sheet.  Everyone stands around the sheet and grabs the edge pulling the sheet tight at shoulder level.  The goals designated and the game begins.  The ball is dropped into the middle of the sheet and each person, using only their breath, must blow the ping-pong ball to make it go in the desired direction.  It requires team work to get the ball going in the right direction and, being a ping-pong ball, it is easily turned.

The sheet must remain taught if goals are to be made and no fingers, noses, chins or foreheads are allowed to touch the ball.  The game ends when the desired number of goals is reached or someone passes out.  Which ever comes first.

The M&M Game

This is a game of skill with to levels.  Younger children should probably play with plain M&Ms because they don’t roll around.  Teenagers should use peanut M&Ms (or any other rounded flavor) to increase the difficulty.  One large bag of M&Ms is usually enough.

A string is used to create a circle (about 24 inches in diameter) in the middle of a table.  The M&Ms are poured out into the circle.  Each participant is given a paper cup to put their M&Ms in.  The person up is given a butter knife with which they are to pick up the M&Ms and place them into their cup.  The next person in line rolls two dice.  They roll until they get either a 7 or an 11.  When either of these numbers is rolled the knife is passed to that person and the next person in line gets the dice.  This is repeated until all the M&Ms are gone (either in cups or on the floor).  Candy is NOT eaten until after the end of the game because the person with the most M&Ms in their cup (not their tummy) wins.

Have a great weekend!  Try out some of these games and tell about your experiences.  I would love to know if you find them as fun as I did.

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