Squealing Then Silence

Okay, so my daughter’s been waiting for a package for several weeks now and anxiously watching the mail.  Every day when she gets home from school she has asked if it has come.  She has asked me to check on the shipping several times to see if it had shipped, when it had shipped and when it would arrive.  No can do.  No shipping number to track.  Her excitement and frustration have been interesting to watch.

It Came!

Yesterday the package was waiting when she and I got home from her annual physical.  I spied it first and pointed it out to her.  Her eyes lit up and she immediately began to vibrate with excitement.  She grabbed the package and tried to rip it open, but it was one of those plastic mail bags.  She headed for the scissors.  After she got it open she began to dance around the kitchen squealing with excitement.  They had finally arrived.  She had to run upstairs, still bouncing and squealing, and show her grandparents.

Sudden Silence

Just as quickly as  the excited squealing started it stopped as my daughter disappeared.  Now she was totally engrossed in her new acquisition.  She didn’t speak a word for over 30 minutes but the smile on her face said it all.  There is no sight so wonderful as a happy and contented child.


The interesting thing about this is that it was not a new toy, craft activity or video game.  It was simply three books.  Of course it was books 4-6 of the Unicorns of Balinor.  One of her most favorite series.  We bought books 1-3 last year not realizing that there are actually eight books in the series.  Luckily my niece has most of them and we got one or two from the library.  About three months ago my 8-year-old picked up the first three books and began to read them again.  About half-way through book three she told me she needed the next book.

Not In Book Stores

Unfortunately only the 1st three books are currently in the book stores and the rest of the series is not.  I went online and found them at Amazon and bought them.  Now I have a very happy little girls ensconced in a large stuffed recliner completely content to read the summer away.  I’ll need to get books 7-8 in the next couple of weeks since she can be a voracious reader.

My sweet youngest daughter is somewhat of an enigma in that her reading scores always go way up over the summer.  She and I have already begun to select the books we want to read together.

Have a great Memorial Weekend!

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