I’m Sorry You’re an Idiot

I’m sorry this is so short.  I’m running away to a friend’s cabin for the weekend and haven’t packed yet.

My grandmother often told me I should be the first to apologize in any situation where pain has been given and anger has been felt.  Being young I looked at her and said, “But what if they started it?”  She then gave me the wisest advice on interpersonal relationships and communication that I’ve ever heard.  You don’t have to apologize for telling the truth, feeling hurt or doing what was right or necessary.  You apologize if their feelings were hurt, you over reacted, or simply just for the argument.  No fault-finding.  No blame.  No drama.  No “but”.  A simple heart-felt apology for what ever when wrong in the discussion.  “I’m sorry that I yelled.”  I’m sorry that your feelings were hurt.”  “I’m sorry if I over reacted.”


Right or wrong we should be sincere in our apologies.  This often requires a little bit of tact.  Leave all the “buts” out of the apology.  Sometimes it is best not to elaborate.  The simpler the apology the easier it is to say.

When Children Apologize

This is something that we should teach children but there can be repercussions.  Most children have a smart mouth at one time or another, it is part of growing up.  Children can be much better at apologizing than we are and much more subtle in their wording.  This is where the repercussions come in.  Here are some of my favorite apologies from my children:

  • I’m sorry you are special.
  • I’m sorry that your tummy is too big for your dress.
  • I’m sorry, you are smarter than a rock.
  • I’m sorry you did not know I was being rude to you.
  • I’m sorry, next time I will say it in front of your back.

What are the most backwards apologies you’ve ever heard?  Who said them?  What was the context?  Have a great weekend!

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