Brain Lost! Reward Offered.

Dressed for a formal occasion.

A while back I was terrified I was losing my mind so I put it somewhere safe.  It is in a mayonnaise jar under my bed.  I looked under my bed this morning to check on my brain and it was gone!  Help! Police! FBI! My brain has been lost, stolen, brain-napped!

I don’t know what I’m going to do without it.  I was just getting ready to install wi-fi so I could access it without taking it out of the jar.  I figured I could sync it with my smart phone which has a working memory.  I was also going to install a tracking system so I wouldn’t worry so much about “losing it.”

I have looked in all the usual places.  It is not:

  • in my bed trying to sleep late.
  • in the refrigerator visiting the new life forms.
  • in my emergency chocolate stash looking for a pickup.
  • in the cookie jar disposing of calories.
  • in the book room getting a workout.
  • in my smart phone for electro-shock therapy.

I am very concerned about my poor little brain being all alone and lost.  Will it get enough to eat?  Is it warm enough?  I bet its lonely.  I could really use some help to find it.

What do you do when you lose your mind?

Where does your brain like to hide?

Has your brain ever run away?

I am offering a reward for any news concerning my brain.  I will send you an autographed picture of my brain (in or out of the jar) for your help.  Please post any news, suggestions or sightings here.

Sincerely, Fawn