There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon

This book by Jack Kent is a must for all children’s libraries.  It has been a favorite in our family for many a year.  Poor little Billy discovers a dragon in his room, but Mom doesn’t believe him.



You may have noticed that the dragon keeps getting bigger throughout the book as he tries to get Mom to notice him.  The dragon does become small again.  How you ask?  Mom finally acknowledges him.

Take the Time

We all have dragons in our lives.  I just happen to have two (Bip and Pots).  The longer I ignored them the bigger they got.  I am sincerely hoping that by taking to time to acknowledge and deal with Pots (my PTSD dragon) I will be able to shrink him down enough that he will no longer have so much power over my life.

Just For Your Information

Pictures courtesy of and Rachel Swartley’s blog, “Creating the life I love.”

This book is not in the public domain.