Where’s My Batteries

I thought today was a good day for a short story.  This one kind of explains how I am feeling today.

“Mommy! . . . Mommy!”

Through my sleep fogged brain, I hear my 6-year-old calling me.  I struggle to sit up in bed and swing my feet over the side.  I look groggily at the clock . . . 4:17 a.m.


“I’m coming.”

I flip the light switch in the hallway.  The power has gone out again.  I look out the window and see that the whole neighborhood is dark.

I hear my 6-year-old coming out of the bathroom, “Mom.  I’m afraid of the dark.”

“I know sweetheart just sit down on the floor. I’m going to the kitchen for the flashlight.

OUCH!!”  Two tiny red lights flash and a small digital siren starts.

I swear I’m going to throw those metal cars away one of these days!

“Mommy, you found my fire engine!”

“Yes dear . . . with my foot.”

“Are you okay?”   There is concern in my child’s voice.

“I really need you to put them away when you are done playing with them.”

“Okay mommy.”

I know he is sorry.  I also know that he will “forget” to put his cars away.  <SIGH>

I carefully weave my way through the family room; a minefield of metal cars, plastic track, wooden blocks, Lego’s, books, and a large sleeping dog.

I made it to the kitchen.  Finally!

I open the cabinet over the dishwasher groping for the flashlight.

It’s gone.  In frustration I wonder if I moved it, my husband borrowed it, or the children found it.

“Sweetie, do you know what happened to the flashlight?”

“Yes Mommy, you put it on the refrigerator when you took it away from the baby.”

How did the baby get the flashlight?  I’m not sure I even want to know.

Walking to the refrigerator I stub my small toe on an out of place stool. “OUCH!”

I wonder if anything will ever stay where it belongs.  Maybe things wander around after I go to bed.

I reach up on top of the refrigerator and wrap my fingers around the flashlight.  I take it down and push the button to turn it on . . . nothing . . .. I shake the flashlight. . .. No batteries.

I just want to scream but I’m trying to stay calm. 

“Sweetie, do you know what happened to the batteries that were in the flashlight?”

“No Mommy.  The baby had already lost them before you took the flashlight away.”

Of course!