Summer Is Gone….

Hello again!  Can I just say that I love Summer vacation!!?

Lazy Days

Garfield%20SleepyThis has been the first summer in over a two decades that “Nothing” was an option.  Daughter and I did a lot of that.  We stayed up late.  We slept in every day.  We read for hours together and on our own.  We had movie and TV marathons.  We went to the water park a few times.  We shared computer game scores.  Basically we hung out, just the two of us.  We both needed the rest and it was great.

Family Time

Now that we no longer have that great big house and Daughter and I don’t live with my mother we are no longer in the center hub of the family.  This is both good  /  and bad.

  • It is really nice not to have random family wander through at all hours of the day (and night) and mess up schedules and plans.  /  Daughter and I go weeks and months without seeing family.
  • We are no longer hearing about all the family drama.  /  I have no idea what is going on with my siblings.
  • We no longer host family gatherings with all the setup and cleanup.  /  We have to drive to and from.
  • Family traditions are still happening.  /  Most of them.  There are also changes and new traditions being made.

Two of my brothers hosted our summer gatherings.  The 4th of July BBQ was held at the home of one of my younger brothers.  The 24th of July BBQ was held at one of my older brothers.  Both were the same as we have always done.  Bring your own meat and a side dish.  Those who had ice cream makers made ice cream.


IMG_0913We were able to have the annual family camp out this year.  As usual it was an older brother and his family and me and my family.  Some years other siblings come but it is hard to get us all together since there are nine siblings and a plethora of children and grandchildren.

We camp Wednesday through Saturday because the campground is usually empty during the week.  Youngest and I went up a day before everyone else just to enjoy the quiet.  There was only one other campsite being used in the whole campground.  We set up our camp while our home-made pizza rolls thawed and rose.  Then we got the coals ready and baked them in the dutch oven.  We played some card games, read, watched the stars and went to bed.  The crickets are very loud at this campground and almost keep you awake.

IMG_0875The noise starts when the rest of the clan starts arriving.  We used to eat as a group and each family would cook one night but over the years our group has grown too large.  Our children now have children so we eat in family groups. We play games through out the day.  Hike the trail that is there.  Now that my brother and I are grandparents we watch our children chase after their children and laugh at the memories of when it was us.

I lost a grandchild.  She is 16 months old and was being watched by her 9 year-old sister.  Sister came to ask her mom a question and we lost sight of her in under a minute.  The search commenced.  We found her five minutes later in the creek right behind our campsite.  Normally there is no water in August, but this year there was a whole three inches.  She had scooted down the 5 foot hill on her little bum and was happily sitting in the water playing with rocks.  When I found her she started showing me all the rocks and telling me about them in her babbling words.  Being Grandma, I wasn’t going to make her get out of the water.  I called Dad to be the mean one.  On the bright side, she had been absolutely filthy before she found the water and she was pretty clean after.

School Prep

As soon as we get back from the camping trip and get everything cleaned up it is time to start getting ready for school.  This year we went camping a week later than usual so there was only a week before school started after we got home.  I do a lot of sewing because Daughter is so tall and thin.  It is almost impossible to find pants that are long enough.  So I have made her jeans since she was in kindergarten.  I was only able to get two pair sewn before school started so I have two more to make.  School fees, class schedules, back to school night and school supplies were taken care of.

Back to the Real World

Summer is officially over.  School started yesterday.  I am sad and miss my daughter.  Both of us are complaining about the early mornings and I’m still finishing her school clothes.  We kind of put things off this summer so we are a little behind.

Daughter is a freshman this year.  I’m still trying to figure out how that happened since she was just starting kindergarten last year.  Daughter is excited to be back in school.  She is looking forward to all the freshman activities.  This weekend there is a freshman back to school BBQ and dance.

I am enjoying watching her grow into a wonderful and beautiful young lady.

What does your dragon think?

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