When Things Quiet Down…..Yeah, Right.

When Things Quiet Down…..Yeah, Right.

I have decided that my life will never “quiet down.”  I don’t even know what that means anymore.  Quiet down to what?  I have 82+ people in my immediate four generation family.  That only includes my parents, siblings, children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc.  Don’t even get me started on the aunts, uncles and cousins.  We stopped counting at 275.

There's a rave going on inside my head.Living In the Hub

Living with my parents has been a two-sided blessing.  I don’t have to be a single parent and Youngest Daughter gets to have a Dad (mine).  I also get to see my family A LOT.  Everyone comes to Grandma’s to visit. It’s where the family gatherings happen.  It’s the Christmas Day open house.  It’s the stop between home/school and work.  It’s the cousin sleepover location.  The hotel portion has, however, closed.

Bipolar Living Space

There are only two speeds at our house.  Noisy crowd and Thank you God for the quiet.  Occasionally we have small family groups come visit and that is really nice.  This is more the exception than the rule though.  No wonder Bip loves living here!

Aging Parents

00008ROMANTICELDERLYCOUPLEI’m not sure when this happened, but my parents are getting old.  This includes all the health issues that old people have.  Lots of doctor’s appointments, mobility issues, dietary needs, etc. More and more of my time is required to assist them.  I am glad to be of service and return the loving care that they gave me.

I absolutely adore my parents.  My mom and I are best friends.  My dad is my daughters homework buddy, surrogate father, project assistant and super hero.  Youngest Daughter keeps reminding my parents that they have to stick around until she graduates college, gets married and has her first child.  Daughter is 12 and parents are 76 and 79.  She worries a lot.  Mostly that she will lose her Daddy/Grandpa.  All little girls need a Dad.  So do big girls.

New Tween In the House

SantaPoutYoungest daughter has just turned 12.  This means that we are starting a whole new and exciting phase in life.  She gets to have the hormonal swings, braces, more responsibility, more homework, less free time, youth group, and growing pains.  I get to put up with her, keep her attitude in check and her focus on school.  Fun times.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love teenagers.  As long as she follows the rules, doesn’t get behind in school and has a decent attitude we have a lot of fun.  It is time to start the what-the-heck parties.  Regular social activities that create and bond a group of friends.  Boys and girls of course.  Our daughters usually begin dating with the boys they hang out with so I like to know who they are.

Adventure Time

People have asked me how I cope with all the trials I apparently keep having in my life.  I look at them like with pity.  Trials are depressing and hard things.  I refuse to have those.  I have adventures.  Adventures are filled with new things, new experiences, and excitement.  They are opportunities to learn and experience new things.  Adventures bond families with shared experiences, laughter and groans.  Trials tend to isolate us and weigh us down.  People don’t want to get involved with trials so you tend to struggle more.  People are more interested in joining an adventure.  Then they become part of the excitement.

Things will never quiet down in my life.  There are too many people, too many things that need doing and too many things I want to do.  Stress is just a natural part of life.  So it is time to buckle up and enjoy Mr. Toads Wild Ride.  Pass the Eleviv and the dark chocolate.