Mom, Are You Busy?

It is not biological children that makes a mother.  A mother is a woman who takes any child into her heart to love and nurture them.  Here is a poem that I wrote when I had five children under the age of ten.  We had T-ball, dance, school activities, homework assignments and the hundred other things that children need.  I would not trade those days for anything.

Mom, are your busy?

Embarassment Bag Head 01Mom, are you busy?
I know you’ve lots to do
But you see I’ve a problem
And no one can help me but you

No dear I’m not busy
Come talk to me during my chores
I’m just doing laundry and dishes
Then baking and cleaning some more

Picture 050Mom, are you busy
I’ve got an errand to run
I am so tired so I thought
You could help with just this one

No dear I’m not busy
I’ll go into town for you
While I drive I’ll feed Baby
And decide what I won’t get to

Mom, are you busy
I’ve got to have it today
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before
But I just forgot to say

SpiderCakeNo dear, I’m not busy
I can get that for you today
It might be slightly late
But you’ll have it anyway

Mom, are you busy….

What does your dragon think?

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