Rubber Boots and Rainbows

Today I thought I would share a short (very short) story I wrote about my boys.

It had been raining for three straight days.  David, Jacob and James looked glum as they shuffled in to have breakfast.

“What’s the matter?” asked Mom as she poured their cereal.

“There are clouds in the sky again.” said David with his head in his hands and his elbows on the table.

“I don’t want to play in the house today,”sighed Jacob, “there’s nothing to do.”

“I want to go outside!”  demanded James folding his arms angrily.

Black Rubber Boots 01    Mom looked out the window and smiled.  There was a break in the clouds and the sun was beginning to shine through.  “After your done with breakfast I want you boys to get dressed, make your beds, and find your rubber boots.”

The three boys shoveled their breakfast into their mouths as fast as they could, hoping this meant Mom would let them play outside.  As they made their beds they talked knowingly of the earthworms, snails and other bugs that come out after a heavy rain.

“I’m going to find the most bugs.” said Jacob.

“I get to count them.” said James who was just learning to count.  He counted everything he could and sometimes made-up numbers when he ran out of ones he knew.

“I am going to find the BIGGEST, FATTEST and LONGEST worm in the world!” announced David to his younger brothers.

As they put on their play clothes they talked animatedly about the puddles that were all over the back yard.  Where they thought the biggest puddle would be.  Which one would be the deepest.  Most important of all, which one was the muddiest.  Grabbing their coats and boots the boys hurried back into the kitchen.

“We’re all ready, Mom.” they all said excitedly.  Then there was the scurry and flurry of getting boots and coats on.

“Why don’t you look out the window,” said Mom as she bent down to tie James boots.  All three precious faces lit up as they looked at the rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds.

“HOORAY!  HOORAY!” they all shouted as they danced around the room like Indians and then ran whooping out the back door.

Mom Laughed as she watched them out the window.  It was good to see them so happy and having so much fun enjoying the simple things in life.  Mom remembered when she was a little girl, and how much fun it was to play in puddles and find worms and snails after it rained.  Today would be a good day she thought as she saw the rainbow arching across the sky.


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