Mom: Homework Nazi

This last week I discovered that my daughter had 10 assignments missing and a science project coming due that she had not really even started.  Needless to say, I was just a wee bit frustrated.

Assignments Not Turned In

This seems to be a recurring issue with many students.  They do the homework but don’t turn it in.  Why?  The answer to that question is unknown. They did the work so why wouldn’t they want the credit?  “I forgot” and “I couldn’t find it” seem to be common responses.

12610015281Zyj53My daughter comes home, grabs a snack and gets right to her homework.  It gets checked daily.  How could they be missing?!  Why can’t she find them?  A thorough search of her backpack is done.  Seven of the 10 missing assignments are found.  They are complete and ready to turn in.  They just did not make it into her homework folder and “the teacher did not ask for them”.  Really?!

Assignment Procrastination

This is another issue that I have come across.  The assignment is not due for several days or weeks.  The child does not work on it because it doesn’t seem important at that particular moment.  This is what happened to my daughters science project and book report.

Heil Homework!

This is the solute often received from my sons when they were in school.  They are also the ones who gave me the title of Homework Nazi.  Why?  Because all privileges were revoked and life as they knew it ceased until all homework was complete.

My daughter discovered this last week.  She missed all her favorite TV shows, couldn’t play with friends, couldn’t play with her toys or do anything but homework until she was caught up.  She spent 3-4 hours a day getting her current assignments completed and then working on the missing assignments.  This included all the research, reading, writing and experiments for her science project.

ThereCrying01 was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  I refused to send her to her room.  When she returned home from school and hadn’t turned in the assignments we’d  found, I put her straight into the car and drove her back to school to turn them in. There was not enough cheese in the house to serve with all that whine.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a caring mother.  She got snacks, assistance, encouragement and major kudos (and a great sense of relief) when assignments were completed.

Choices and Consequences

zombiesWe talked much about choices and consequences.  Long hours of homework were the consequences of procrastination and missed assignments.  Severe brain drain, physical fatigue and feelings of great stress come with long hours of homework.  Apparently these are also the early signs of becoming a zombie.

The good news is that my daughter is now caught up on her homework.  I think.  I should probably check the school website and search her backpack again.  I hope that she is learning from this experience.  I don’t like being the mean mom even if I am good at it.  And so, in the words of my sons, I bid you farewell with HEIL HOMEWORK!