The Hope of American

This last Friday I was privileged to watch my daughter participate in a wonderful program.  I have to tell you that I’m not usually teary at school programs, but this one was different.  The Hope of America program touched me in a way that no school program ever has.


I’ve always been patriotic.  I’m proud to be and American.  I participate in the political process.  I celebrate all that it good and wonderful in my country.  As the mother of two sons full-time army that have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and one son in the Army National Guard and one adopted daughter just entering the Air Force it has become much more than patriotism.  It has become intensely personal and emotional.

Local military from the newest recruit to the oldest veteran and their families were given a parade through the stadium to begin the program.  They had reserved front row seating.  I started crying during the Pledge of Allegiance as the flag was presented by the BYU ROTC students in dress uniform.  The tears only multiplied as I listened to all those children singing our national anthem.


If you have ever listened to a large group of children singing together it stirs a plethora of emotions.  For me, joy has always been one of the strongest.  Here are hundreds of children from schools all around Utah Valley singing together about love of country and their place in its future.

Children Are Our Hope For The Future

While we, as parents, often wonder why we wanted children we know we could not live without them.  No matter how frustrated, exasperated or angry I get with my children, I always love them.  I may not agree with them.  I may roll my eyes and sigh heavily.  I may wonder if their brains fell out their ears.  In the end, children learn by watching their parents and doing for themselves.

My children are now becoming responsible members of society.  The child who constantly stripped off his clothing as a toddler now stands proudly in his dress uniform.  The child who was the class clown is now becoming a leader of men.  The child who hated math is quickly moving into management in an IT company.  They participate in their communities.  They take part in the political process.  They serve those less fortunate.  They are striving to have strong marriages and be good parents.  They are striving to make the world better for them being in it.

Make Your World A Better Place

What more can we ask of our children than they leave the world a better place.  What more can we ask of ourselves?  We are the hope of America.  As individuals, families and communities we can strive to make our small corner of the world better.

I rambled a little more in this post than I had intended, but I was so amazed and awed by Hope of America program that my mind is a bit of a jumble.  So many emotions, thoughts and memories.  I am excited that this organization is working to take this program to schools across the country.  Let’s spread Hope across America.

Hope of America