May Your Christmas Be Filled With Love and Laughter

I’m sorry that I did not write last Friday.  My niece got married last Thursday and I was exhausted from the energy it takes to socialize with large numbers of family and dealing with my social anxiety. I am also participating in my regular Christmas tradition of the last-minute rush.  I have been working on Christmas presents almost round the clock as well as making goodies and enjoying time with my daughter.

Christmas is tomorrow and I still have two pairs of pajamas to make and I’ve been trying to write down the patterns of the winter sets I’ve been making my granddaughters.  It makes me laugh with excitement even when I am feeling very rushed.  There is nothing like hand-made gifts that elicit squeals of excitement and smiles that last for a months.

At least I don’t have to worry about tonight’s feast.  My oldest daughter comes every Christmas Eve and makes us a traditional holiday dinner complete with fixin’s.  It is her gift to us.  It is a Christmas tradition that she started when she got married and we enjoy every year.

Well, I’m off to finish as many of my Christmas projects as possible before tomorrow morning.  I may or may not sleep tonight, but that is most of the fun of Santa Claus.  I am happily working my way towards my annual Christmas exhaustion.

Merry Christmas