The Quiet Thunder of Children’s Laughter

Just thought I would share this again. A child’s laugh is always uplifting.


To lay in bed on a Saturday morning and listen to my children play, talk and laugh is one of the greatest joys in this world.

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There is the giggle of the toddler as she is being chased and the high-pitched squeal when caught.  The deep chuckle of my second son as he reads Calvin and Hobbs.  The irresistible laughter of my youngest son as I hear him fall of the couch.  The snort of milk coming out of someone’s nose as they try to contain their laughter.

I lay in bed pretending to sleep as I revel in the sounds of my children.

I hear the giggles of my toddler as she peeks into my room. I open my eyes enough to see the bright eyes of a little face peeking around the corner.  I hear the light, quick step of little feet as they run down the hall. …

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