Reading . . . Reading . . . Reading . . .

Okay, so I’ve been gone almost a week.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been so engrossed in being able to read again I haven’t been able to do anything else.  I’ve read four books and a short story in the last five days.  It has been amazing after not being able to follow the story line for so long.

What I’ve Read

I’ve read The House of Seven Gables which has been on my reading list for several years.  A Touch of Magic was a book that sparked my curiosity and was well worth the read.  The Shadow of Black Wings was good, but it was difficult for me to follow the multiple story lines.  The short story, Guardian of the Dawn, was well written and has my curiosity sparked to read the books that go with it when my brain is working better.  I just finished Touched by Magic last night and enjoyed it so much I bought the second book (which I am planning on starting later today).

Brain Candy

My mind is still struggling to follow more complicated story lines, but luckily there is an abundance of “brain candy” available.  These are fun stories that don’t have complicated storylines.  Louis L’Amour is great for a quick read if you like westerns.  Enchanted Forest Chronicles is a great read about a different kind of princess.   Howl’s Moving Castle is  fun story that is a quick and easy read.  You get the idea.

Reading With My Daughter

My daughter and I are currently reading Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funk.  We are only about 8-10 chapters into the book, but we are enjoying snuggling up and reading a book together.  Along with this she is reading two book series (Unicorns of Balinor for the 6th time and Wolves of the Beyond for the 3rd time) and her comprehensive anatomy book that she got for Christmas.  She’s 9.

I know that there are not any pictures in this post, but there are links to a lot of fun books and authors.  I will try not to get so lost in my books and post on my regular days.

Enjoy your reading!