About Me

Hello my friends, my name is Fawn.  I’m a fit, fat, stressed out, mother, grandmother and business owner.  I started this blog because I wanted to share how I have gotten through some difficult times and what I have learned.

I have 30 years of education and experience in extreme stress management and elimination.

I have also been diagnosed with

  • severe bipolar disorder (thank you genetics),
  • post traumatic stress (thank you ex), and
  • an anxiety disorder.

For those of you who struggle with ANY of these things, life is often just about survival.

I want you to know that you can experience more than just survival.  You can experience joy, laughter, a light heart, peace, and, my favorite, a quiet mind.

While some of my posts seem random (and are) many will focus on the things that I have struggled with over the last three decades.

I will share the tactics, tools and (warped) humor that I have used to not only survive but to thrive.

It has been a long, difficult and slow journey but well worth it.

Please feel free to ask questions, request topics and comment.  Life is a team sport.  Let us strengthen and lift each other.

There was a time I would have given my life to feel good for a single day.  Now I feel good every day.


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love that you say ‘just because you have an illness, doesn’t mean you are an illness.” I hear so many people say things like “She’s Bipolar, or He’s ADD” What??? Do they also say “He’s cancer”?
    My PTSD has affected my life tremendously, but I refuse to let it define Who I Am. It is a part of me, not the whole of me.


    • It’s frustrating isn’t it that people seem to think that people are defined by their circumstance. I am glad to hear that you are determined to be your true self. My your life be filled with joy and laughter. Thank you for stopping by to chat and you are welcome any time.


  2. Y’know, I stopped by to say I mentioned you in an award post – http://halfwaybetweenthegutter.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/one-lovely-blog-award-and-some-big-confessions/ – and realised I’ve never read your ‘about me’. More importantly, I didn’t realise you have severe bipolar disorder. I really need to pay more attention.

    As for the award, you don’t have to accept anything. I know it’s a bit spammy/chain mail. Just thought you deserved a big ol’ mention for being you.


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