Will The Real Santa Please Stand Up

When I first started this blog I talked about having “the talk” with my youngest child.  Her friends had been telling her that Santa wasn’t real and only stories for “little kids”.  Last year she started asking about why parents would wrap presents and say they are from Santa.  So we had part 2 of “the talk”.

Children, Children Everywhere

IMG_3940Everywhere you look you will find children (some bigger than others). There are 2.2 million children in the world.  That is a lot of children no matter how you think about it.  Imagine the number of toys needed and the space required to house them.  The world is growing at such a rate that Santa is having difficulty keeping up.

So, I told my daughter, Santa needs help.

Santa’s Helpers

When people become old enough they are inducted into the Santa’s Helper Association.  When children want things that Santa’s elves can’t make then parents are sent out to acquire the item.  The parent then hides the present in a Santa approved location until Christmas.  Simplicity itself.  When I go shopping at Christmas and won’t let her come with me she will ask, “Is it a Santa errand?”  If I say yes then there are no more questions.

As many of my children have grown into adulthood, they began to participate as Santa’s Helpers in their early teens.  They have helped to fill the stockings of their younger siblings.  They have helped to put together toys and helped Santa eat the cookies and milk left out for him.

Have my children ever been disappointed about the reality of Santa Claus?  No.  They have learned the lesson behind the stories.  Santa is the spirit of giving.  He is the giggles late on Christmas Eve as stockings are filled and gifts are placed.

Children Need To Believe

These children are bombarded with information at a rate that boggles the mind.  They are often told that fairy stories are silly and myths and legends are only for video games and movies.  Faith in things unseen and not understood is often scoffed at.  Hence, the SSantas Lapanta story is frequently discounted or made fun of.

Children need things to believe in.  They need to feel the excitement and anticipation that comes on Christmas Eve. They need to know that there are good things in life waiting in unexpected places.  Children need to know that someone, whom they don’t know personally and may even doubt the existence of, knows them and loves them enough to do something special just for them.

Bullies, Violence and Fear

Our world is filled with these in abundance.  School shootings, missing children, bullies, family members leaving to fight in far away places, broken families, etc.  This list of things our children deal with is never-ending.  How can we combat all this fear and negativity in our children’s lives without losing the wonder of childhood?

This is important to me as a mother and grandmother.  We don’t want to hide all these things from our children.  We couldn’t even if we wanted to because the information is everywhere.  So what do we do?  We let children be children.  My children believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, fairies, unicorns, winged horses, elves and super heroes.  Whether they are real or not, these things bring a sense of wonder and excitement to children and charge their imagination.

It’s Good To Believe

I believe in Santa Claus and a proud member of the Santa’s Helper Association.  Whether Santa Claus is real or not doesn’t matter.  He is the embodiment of the spirit of Christmas.  He is kind, loving, jolly, giving and loves children.  Don’t we want our children to believe in that?  Don’t we want to believe in that?

Well, I’m off to meet with the elves and organize some Santa errands.  Merry Christmas!

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