Eyes That Light the Dark

While I haven’t gotten much rest over our Spring break, I have spent many hours looking into the sweetest eyes.  The eyes of grandchildren.

It’s Grandma!

I have spent two weeks taking care of my oldest daughter’s two children (5 years and 4 months) while they moved into their new home and cleaned out their old apartment.  While my granddaughter’s eyes light up when her Attie and Girlies are here, my Grandson’s eyes light up for Grandma.

033113_Eteyes 101112_Ceyes 033113_Ceyes

012613_Eteyes 012613_Ceyes_Eteyes

I have also spent time with my second daughter’s girls.  Here are the eyes of these beautiful granddaughters:

122012_Leyes 122012 Eeyes 121912_Zeyes

040713_Zeyes0912_Leyes 0912_Eeyes

Boundless Joy

Through the eyes of my grandchildren I am able to rediscover the wonder of the world around me.  The excitement of a tent in the livingroom.  The breathless anticipation waiting to dye Easter eggs.  I am truely grateful for these beautiful children, the are my beacons in the darkness.


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