I have worked hard this year to lose 21 inches and 5 lbs and thought I would share this post again this year. It is a great reminder for me and I hope it helps you too.


If you are like me, the holidays is a time where everything seems to go to waist.  My waist.  We make all our favorite holiday goodies and they, of course, must be taste tested at least once a day to make sure they haven’t gone bad.  What is the best way to keep the testing to a minimum and the waist as well?  Here are some methods that work well for us.

  • Give it away.  If you are making goody plates to give away then give them away that very same day if possible.
  • Put it in the freezer.  Only get it out for the occasions for which it was made.  Just remember to take it out in time to thaw.  Though frozen fudge goes a long way because it must be in the mouth long enough to melt.
  • Don’t make extra.  This has always been my…

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