I’ve been having some issues with my brain lately. It doesn’t seem to want to work. I thought I would share this post again because it talks about the noise that still sometimes plagues me.


This is an interesting thing that happened to me several months ago.  It is actually the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

The Noise Inside My Head

My brain was on full speed ahead for decades.  It ran all day through ideas, thoughts, pictures, memories and any other place it could go.  It also ran all night.  It was like standing in a small room with no windows or doors and hundreds of people constantly yelling things at me.  It was enough to drive anyone crazy.

No medication I took ever touched the noise level.  I tried a lot.  It was never muffled, lessened, softened or in any way affected.  I never thought much about it though because it had always been that way.  I couldn’t remember a time when my brain wasn’t noisy.


If I was not multitasking I couldn’t do anything.  Too many things were vying…

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