What did you call me?!

I have had many names over the years, but my two favorite names are Mom and Grandma.

Mother Dearest

I have many “Mom” titles.  Each of my own children has their own version of Mom that they have developed as they have grown older.

My first calls me Muhmah (the accent is on “mah”).  Kind of a British version.  Probably because she and I love to watch the British mystery and comedy shows.  We have also watched a lot of period BBC dramas.

My second calls me Mommy in a childlike way.  We had no contact during her teen years so I love hearing that from her.

My third simply calls me Mom.  Short, sweet and to the point much like he is.

My fourth calls me many things.  He spent an entire summer trying to annoy me by following me around repeating, “Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama . . . .”  I responded by repeating his name every time he said mine.  He spent the next summer calling me Madre.  He seems to have settled on Mama with the emphasis on the initial “Ma”.

My fifth calls me Mahm which is kind of a drawn out version of Mom.  It fits him because he is a relaxed speaker.

My sixth calls me Mom, Mommy or even Mother.  She is still little and hasn’t quite worked out what my name will be.  She is only eight though so there is plenty of time.

All of my children call me “Mother” when they are embarrassed, frustrated, angry or feel I need to be more reasonable.


Now this is an awesome name.  It is Mom in the most fun sense and without many of the restrictions.  Grandmas can give the kids a cookie 15 minutes before dinner with a wink and a finger to the lips.  Grandmas can let the kids stay up late when they come to visit.  Grandmas may allow brownies and chocolate milk for breakfast.

Grandmas can do the little thinks that Moms are often too tired or busy to do.  Grandmas will rock a tired child until they fall asleep and then continue to rock them until she falls asleep.  Grandmas can read the same story over and over and over in a single afternoon.  Grandmas have more time to play games and color.

My little niece is about 20 months and calls her mother “Mommy” and her grandmothers “Mama” or “Nana”.  My granddaughter called me “Ahma” for ever.  I have also enjoyed “Gumma”, “Gamma” and “Grrma”.

Now that my oldest five children are grown I have put their version of “Mom” as their personal ring tones.  Now I know who’s calling me just by the name I’m being called.

What do your children call you?  I’m always interested in how many versions of “Mom” or “Dad” children use.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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