Did you know?!

Have you notice what good posture all the Avengers have?  Apparently it is a requirement to being a super hero.  Of course it allows them to show off their awesome physique all the more.

I had forgotten, but was recently reminded, that good posture enhances your regular workout.

What is good posture?

This is a question that I can easily answer.  As a child I was constantly reminded and as a teenager in marching band it was required.  My father also ran his knuckle down my spine if I slouched.  Probably because I wore low necklines.  (Note to self:  If I want to slouch raise the neckline of my shirt or dress.)

Stand in a relaxed position.  Imagine that you have a string coming out of the topmost part of your head like a marionette.  Pull the string (and your head) straight up.  Relax.  Everything else should fall in line.  Now the back of your head, your shoulder blades and your buttocks should line up.  This can be checked against the closest wall.  Sounds easy, right?

Muscles Will Complain

Keeping good posture throughout the day requires you to use most of your muscle groups, some you may not know that you had.  Yes, they will complain in the beginning because they have been allowed to slouch around and be lazy.

Abdominal and Latissimus Dorsi – This is usually the first place you start feeling it, often about mid morning.  When standing or sitting with proper posture your abdominal muscles will be used to hold your tummy in.  Your Latissimus Dorsi (back muscles) are used to keep your back straight.  This is required for proper balance.

Glutes – This is the second place you begin to feel the muscles working.  This muscle group is used to keep your pelvis aligned with the rest of your spine.  By tightening and relaxing these muscles you can maintain balance as well as alignment.

Trapezius and Deltoid – These are your shoulder and neck muscles and are important in keeping your head erect and spine aligned.  Many of us tend to let our head drop forward which will throw off the rest of your posture.  You know the old adage, “Head up, shoulders back.”  This is the key to good posture.

Sartorius, Biceps Femoris, etc. – Leg muscles.  These muscles are used to propel yourself when walking.  Your upper body should not bounce or sway as you glide across the ground.  Impossible you say.  Not at all.  It just takes muscle control.

Surprising Workout

Anytime you walk around or sit at your desk you can use good posture.  It doesn’t take long for you to start feeling your muscles work either.  By the end of the day almost every muscle in your body has been stretched, contracted and resisted more times than any formal workout for isolated muscle groups.

Now I must warn you that there may be some mutinous resistance on the part of your body.  You are making your muscles work all day and they are not going to be very happy about it.  Some may actually cramp in protest.  Just stretch (carefully), message it out with a good hot shower or, better yet, some time at the spa.  A good morning stretch is usually all it takes to loosen up.  The good news is that it should take only a few days for them to get over their grumbling and complaining.

Lookin’ Good

Good posture can make a big difference in how you look.  As your muscles get stronger it can actually help you look slimmer and improve how your clothes fit.  People will think that you’ve lost weight or think you have started working out.  (Little do they know.)  Any weight loss and change in clothing size and body shape is much more noticeable when you have good posture.  Show it off!  Let people admire your success.  You’ve earned it.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Did you know?!

  1. The inserts in my shoes for tendonitis have had an amazing effect on my posture; I’ve gained about two inches! I knew I was a major slouch, but I didn’t realise just how awful my posture is.

    I blame computers. Nobody sits properly at them.


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