Will Power Outage

This is dedicated to those who have used up their will power being responsible in areas other than nutrition.

The Order of the Chocolate Cake

I have spent years willing myself through the day.  I have willed myself through pregnancy, child-birth and child rearing.  I have willed myself through 2 divorces.  I have willed myself through stupidity.  I have willed myself through behaviour modifications (I no longer yell and my swearing has become almost non-existent).  I have willed myself through my paralegal studies program to complete an AAS in 26 months with a 3.93 GPA.  I willed myself through 10 years of employment.  I will myself into fiscal responsibility every month.  I am willing myself through entrepreneurship to build business that will support my family.  I have willed myself right into a power out.

I did get many wonderful things through this investment of will power.  I’m a better me.  My health is better.  I have a good relationship with my children.  My parents are proud of me.  I can survive on very little money.  My life is filled with joy, family and friends.  So what’s the problem?

By investing all this will power you would think I would have more.  So did I.  I had to ask myself, “Where did it go?”  Then I remembered a very important rule of investing.  You have to allow your investment time to grow before you can get anything out of it.  I invested all that will power without giving it time to grow.

I have tried for the last 8 years to lose weight.  I now weigh 20 pounds more than when I started.  I discovered that when it comes to nutrition I have a will power outage.  I’m hungry, but I don’t want to spend the energy to make something healthy.  I eat whatever is at hand: apple fritters, cookies, muffins, a piece of lunch meet, a bowl of cereal, a piece of cheese, yogurt, etc.  The only meal I really think about is dinner and that is only because I have family that needs to be fed.

So now what?  I’m not the Energizer Bunny.  I have do limited resources.  I’ve decided to rewrite my will.  It had been unfairly divided between events and activities.

Life Events

Life events have taken the lion’s share of my will power for decades.  I have exhausted myself daily investing time and energy into each event.  It is the way life goes.  These will always be there, but no longer require such a heavy investment of will power. I will allow my investment time to grow.


There has often been no will power left activity for active participation in my own life.  I am now going to bequeath the majority of my will power to this activity.  I am giving myself permission to decide what I want, how I want it and when I want it.  I am giving myself permission to have it.

Recharging My Will Power

So many times we use our inner battery up without realizing that it needs time to recharge.  I’m plugging my battery into the charger.  Me time.  What am I going to do with my me time?  Here is the list:

  • Read more of God’s word
  • Take time to meditate and pray in the morning and the evening
  • Contemplate the beauty of God’s creations
  • Plan family activities and outings
  • Make my nutritional needs a priority
  • Enjoy some brain candy (fun books)
  • Get out and enjoy the sunshine

The interesting thing about this is that it doesn’t take will power.  In fact, it will recharge my battery.

It is time to take my own advice.  Cause a little trouble.  Have a lot of fun.  Laugh until it hurts.

Have great Wednesday all!

7 thoughts on “Will Power Outage

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  4. Loved your blog and thanks for reading mine as well! 🙂 I am a lifestyle coach and nutritionist of 12 years and ironically the most life-changing book that I had read to date is, “Excuses Begone” by Wayne W. Dyer. I love your “list” of things to do…if you add this book I promise it will be a life-changing experience for you and your nutrition 🙂




    • Someone once told me that if I was going to use an excuse to make sure it was a good one because I would have to live with it. I will definitely add “Excuses Begone” to my reading list. Thanks for stopping by to chat.


  5. This hit home with me for sure! With two small children at home, I am often running on empty. I need to do a better job of using what little “me time” I have to recharge.


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