When was the last time you had a ridiculously silly evening?  Don’t remember?  Let me share some of mine with you.

Stop it hurts to laugh!

We were having a game night.  Attending was my brother and his wife, two of my sisters, my son, myself and a couple of others.  I don’t remember what we were playing.  My sister wanted us to watch part of a Dana Carey comedy skit so we did.  It was “Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies“.  We decided to look up some of the things he talked about.  We laughed at ridiculous things until it hurt too bad to laugh any more.  We all ended the night with very sore abdominal muscles and nasty headaches.  But we had so much fun!

Late Nights and Dumb Movies

Are there movies you like, but only when you are in the right mood?  These are the movies that you only watch when you are so tired anything is funny.  Always watch these with a friend or two so that you can quote it to each other and laugh.  My two favorites are Eric the Viking and Monty Python’s The Holy Grail.  Old mythological movies from the 60’s are also great for fun commentary.  They are corny and have “seriously” awesome special effects.  I like the mini-skirts, tighty whities and man boobs of Jason and the Argonauts (1963).

Sleep Deprived and Sugar High

My little sister came to visit me over the summer.  After putting the kids to bed we would watch dumb movies and eat snacks.  Our favorite quickly became the Kraft Bunnymallows because they are really fun to play with.  They are different sizes and different colors.  We started eating them ears first, feet first, tail first, etc.  One night when we were exceptionally tired we realized we could take the bunny mallows apart and reassemble them.  Frankenbunnies were born.  We would eat the spare parts and then display our “bunnies”.  I cannot tell you how many hours we spent playing with bunny mallows.






Seriously Silly

Silliness is a very serious thing. It takes relaxation, courage and a willingness to make a fool of yourself. Silliness also requires laughing at yourself and seeing the ridiculous in everything. It is best done in small groups of less than six.  For beginners I would recommend the board game Curses.

Life is stressful and busy.  Often we don’t take the time to relax and have fun.  I know many people who are embarrassed by silliness.  They take themselves, and life, way too seriously.  I have just one thing to say, thbbbbbbbbt!

4 thoughts on “Frankenbunnies

  1. I love it thank you for sharing these special moments in your posts. Oh, and Erik the Viking is one of my favorites also lol.


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