The Weight is Over!

My battle with my weight did not start until I was in my mid-thirties.  After years of keeping myself in shape and eating in moderation there was a change in my life that shocked my system enough that it is still a factor 15 years later. (I will talk about this in my Monday blogs.)  Within a year I had gone from 135 pounds to 189 pounds.  Now I weigh 217 pounds and am starting to have the health problems that come with serious obesity.

I have two huge challenges.  The first is that “diet” is a four letter word for starvation and seems to induce overwhelming cravings and binge eating.  The second is that I am now on two medications that cause weight gain.  This is better than the five that caused the initial jump in my weight, but it is still a huge factor.  They slow my metabolism and create a lethargy that can difficult to overcome.


Over the last five years I have gotten serious about my health and started exercising and monitoring my food intake.  I exercise at least 30 minutes a day at least 4 days a week.  I do aerobics, strength training, muscle isolation, yoga, stretching and rotate them so that I don’t develop muscle memory.  I have gained over 20 pounds.  When I stop I lose 5-10 pounds.  I’ve talked to my doctor about this and he just shrugs his shoulders and tells me I’m backwards.

I have talked to my doctor about products that will help me lose weight but they all have the same side effect: anxiety.  I have serious anxiety issues anyway, that is why I’m on the stupid medication that makes me gain weight.  I’m not going to take something that increases my anxiety and possibly the amount of medication I’m require to take.  It defeats the purpose.

Currently, I am doing the following and at least maintaining my weight:

  • I try not to eat after 8 p.m.  If I have a serious craving for a hot fudge sundae, a banana split, pie, cookies, etc., I tell myself I can have it for breakfast.  Now I am not denying myself (no diet) I am just setting a time that I can have it.  Most times in the morning I don’t want it anymore so I don’t eat it.  If I still want it, I have it for breakfast.  Better in the morning that at bedtime.
  • If I binge I eat enough to make myself sick.  This will usually eliminate the desire for a week or more.  I actually find myself thinking twice about what I am craving because I remember how I felt the last time I ate it.
  • I play on the Wii.  There are lots of games that make you get up and move around.  It is easier to excercise when you are having fun.
  • I take the stairs.  I live in a 3-story house with 4 stair cases.  I try to go up and down the stairs at least 5 times each day.
  • I leave my favorite healthy snacks on the kitchen counter.  This is called lazy snacking.  If they are in plain sight I am more apt to eat them instead of searching for the junk.

This is not a lot, but it has at least stopped the weight gain.  It has also curbed my cravings.  I am not satisfied with this situation but until now it has been the only thing that I could do.  I’ve great muscle tone underneath all the extra “insulation” I carry with me.  I just can’t get rid of the “insulation”.

I am very excited as I start my new wellness program.  This is a program that focuses on overall wellness and metabolic balance instead of weight loss.  Weight loss is actually on of the side effects along with more energy, better overall health and lower healthcare costs.  I have watched people I know start this program and the results are amazing.

The program is FAVAO and my goal is 50 pounds or a size 10 by the end of this year.  In fact, for those who are in the Orem/Prove and Salt Lake areas there is a FAVAO kickoff event in Lehi at the Xango head quarters tomorrow (Jan. 19) at 7 p.m.  I will be there.  For those who just want some information you can go to my website at

Xango HQ is located at 2889 Ashton Blvd., Lehi, UT behind Thanksgiving Point.  This is a must for those who are looking to feel better and be healthier.  I hope that you will join me on my journey.  It doesn’t matter if you are a participant or a cheerleader.  All are welcome.

3 thoughts on “The Weight is Over!

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  2. I’ll be rooting for you. I know it’s hard to make big changes, but I think you’re off to a good start. A year from now you won’t recognize yourself in those photos and you’ll be thrilled you put this out there.


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